One of the current concern to us all is the ongoing Assam govt. policy on the appointment of college teachers. It has be felt that as per current policy the MA/MSc. qualifiers from GU are getting lesser number of teachers jobs in colleges compared to other universities of Assam. If this continues GU is going to lose the brilliant one as its MA/MSc. students which will finally down the esteem of GU.

What to do? Should we give more marks in examinations than, what the students deserve, in order to attract brilliant students? Can we propose a mechanism to govt. to normalize the marks obtained from different universities of Assam so that really deserving ones get the college teachers jobs?

To discuss these questions an open discussion has been arranged on 13 February 2018 from 3-00 pm to 4-30 pm (Tuesday) at Faculty House, GU.

There will be no resource persons, we all shall express out own views on this serious issue and shall forward the resolutions to the govt. for necessary action.

We on behalf of GUTA invite you all to participate in the discussion.

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Personally, I am not in favour of providing more marks to the students than what they deserve. This should be the last resort for all of us.

If there are chances of accepting, proposing the Govt. to normalize the marks obtained from different universities seems to be a good one. Otherwise, we can ask them to change the criteria. Certain portion of marks should be allotted to the viva-voce or demo classes at the time of selection / interview and securing a minimum marks separtely in educational qualification, viva-voce should be compulsory.


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